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2015 Trips

For those who frequent the site, this page will take you to the lastest photos

before they are sent to the category pages.


Click on the Pictures Below to See the Full Set



 Christmas Cove, St. Thomas        Blue Heron Bridge, FL              Blue Heron Bridge, FL              St. Kitts - St. Maarten

                  4/27/2015                                      4/9/2015                                       2/25/2015                                      4/2015


 Champagne Reef, Dominica      Carlisle Bay, Barbados              The Benwood Wreck                     Scout Key Quarry
                                         4/30/15                                          7/6/15                                            7/8/15

Pennycamp Park, Key Largo            Fort Jefferson, FL             Dry Tortugas National Park        Blue Heron Bridge, FL

                    7/6/15                                           7/9/15                                           7/9/15                                           5/15/15

              Clear Cove,                     Summer at the Riviera               Summer at the Riviera                  Sombrero Reef

         Sombrero Reef, FL                            Part 1                                              Part 2                                             7/8/15

                   7/8/15                                   Aug-Sept 2015                               Aug-Sept 2015


       Key Largo, Florida               Lake Worth Lagoon, FL                        Blue Heron Bridge

                 11/23/15                                      10/30/15                                                  12/2/15



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