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The Best of Riviera Beach, Florida


This could be called the home spot. 

It includes Blue Heron Bridge and Lake Worth Lagoon.

I have done scores of dives here and have thousands of photos to choose from. 

Too many unique sightings here to number.

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         Volume One

butter hamlet.JPG
black sea bass (4).JPG
banded blenny (4).JPG
northern stargazer 7.JPG

       Angels and Ovals         Bass, Groupers & Reds     Blennies and Gobies          Bottom Dwellers

a decorator crab.JPG
striped snapping shrimp 4.JPG
skate 2.JPG
scrawled cowfish posing.JPG

                 Crabs                               Crustaceans                  Eels, Rays,& Sharks         Odd Shape Swimmers        

lined seahorse 12.JPG
purple-tipped anemone (4).JPG
atlantic spadefish .JPG
redband parrotfish terminal phase.JPG

   Other Life Forms  M          Other Life Forms  S           Parrots and Wrasses         Silvers and Grunts  

sidegill slug.JPG
common octopus  .JPG
three-rowed sea cucumber chocolate chip

      Snails and Shells         Stars And Octopi             Worms and Cukes


             Wrasses                       2015 Dives                      Unknown                      2016 Dives                    2017 Dives            

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