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2017 Dives

For those who frequent the site, this page will take you to the lastest photos

before they are sent to the category pages.


Click on the Pictures Below to See the Full Set

 The Aquarium - Key Largo, FL      January at Blue Heron  Vol. 1    January at Blue Heron  Vol. 2   January at Blue Heron  Vol. 3

January at Blue Heron  Vol. 4          Riviera Beach, FL   2-17-17           West Palm Beach Vol. 1              West Palm Beach Vol. 2

       West Palm Beach Vol. 3                    Antigua 5-17  Vol. 1                       Antigua 5-17  Vol. 2                     Antigua 5-17  Vol. 3

       Martinique  5-17  Vol. 1                  Martinique  5-17  Vol. 2              Martinique  5-17  Vol. 3           Asta Reef, Barbados  Vol. 1

   Asta Reef, Barbados  Vol. 2         Little Bay, St. Maarten  Vol. 1    Little Bay, St. Maarten Vol 2                 St. Kitts   Vol. 1

              St. Kitts   Vol. 2                                 St. Kitts   Vol. 3                          Riviera Inlet, Vol. 1                     Riviera Inlet, Vol. 2

        Riviera Inlet, Vol. 3

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