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Back in the water, wearing a mask,

things are much more peaceful beneath the surface than they are above.

(note: sets 1-6 on this page were from 2020 before the lock-downs)


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purple mouth moray eel 16.JPG
butter hamlet.JPG
stoplight parrotfish  .JPG
molly miller close up.JPG

    West Palm Beach, Florida            West Palm Beach, FL 02              Peanut Island, Florida             Peanut Island, Florida 02

rainbow parrotfish posing.JPG
ocean surgeonfish.JPG
stoplight parrotfish  with juvenile blue

  Blue Heron Bridge  Jan  01         Blue Heron Bridge  Jan 02        Blue Heron Bridge  Jan 03        Doughnut Reef, Marathon, FL

caribbean spiny lobster.JPG
reef shark .JPG
blue parrotfish 3.JPG
spotted cleaner shrimp 3.JPG

          Elbow Reef, Florida                       Sombrero Reef, FL               Finger Reefs, Looe Key, FL            The Horseshoe, Florida

green moray eel.JPG
sea biscuit  skeleton.JPG
most unusual urchin.JPG
banded jawfish.webp

          Looe Key, Florida                       Dry Tortugas NP, Florida                Riviera Beach, FL  Oct 1                  Riviera Beach, FL  May 1

red grouper 1.JPG
manatee 5.JPG
sharknose goby.webp
goldspot blenny.JPG

 Riviera Beach, FL  Oct 2           Riviera Beach, FL  May 2             Riviera Beach, FL  Oct 3             Riviera Beach, FL  Oct 4

eagle ray encounter 1.JPG

   Peanut Island, FL  Nov 1

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